Rick's Profile:


Richard A. Nelson (Chicago, Illinois, USA)


ESL Corporate Trainer: Placed in over 100 blue-chip Japanese companies by leading corporate organizations teaching a wide variety of materials and formats to ground-floor employees up to company Presidents/CEOs of all skill and work levels. Responsibilities include teaching basic language skills, cultural communication strategies, specialty business courses as well as English examination preparation training. Featured companies have included Daihatsu, Nestle, Komatsu, Dentsu, Toray, Iwatani, Novartis, Hitachi, Sanyo, NEC, Tsubakimoto, Takeda, Sharp, Hakuhodo, Hommachi International Law and many others.

ESL企業トレーナー: 100以上の優良企業にて、様々な職位、スキル、職務、教材、形式に対応した指導を行う。基礎英語スキル、文化コミュニケーション戦略、専門ビジネスコース指導、試験対策トレーニング等を担当。

ESL Freelance Consultant: Utilized by numerous individuals/organizations for specialty contract work involving proofreading/rewriting/editing, voice narration/recording, interviewing/resume proficiency, materials development, skills testing, 4-skills language training and individual coaching. Currently involved with Azure Global Network Services. 

ESLフリーランスコンサルタント: 英文校正/リライティング/編集、ナレーション/録音、面接/履歴書の熟練、英語教材の開発、スキルテスト、語学4技能のトレーニング、個人コーチング等、専門業の委託契約を個人及び組織より受ける。


Patent Document Proofreader / Editor: Post Japanese-English translation checking responsible for global English standard attainment involving proofreading, editing, and advising of technical patent documents in the IP field. Affiliations have included Kobayashi Patent & Trademark, Yasutomi & Associates, Kansai Law and Patent, Honmachi International Law Office, P.C., Kanazawa Law & Patent. 

特許書類の校正/編集者: 知的財産分野において、グローバル基準の英語に照らし合わせた英文校正、編集、技術特許書類へのアドバイスを行う。


University Instructor: Responsible for teaching language skills and specialty courses to graduate as well as undergraduate learners. Schools have included Osaka University, Osaka Institute of Technology, Kansai Gakuen University, Osaka Gaigo Senmongakko.

大学講師: 学部生及び大学院生に向け、語学スキルと専門コースを指導.